Bedtime Story: Give Every Day A Happy Ending By Creating A Cozy Country Master Bedroom

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Bedtime Story: Give Every Day A Happy Ending By Creating A Cozy Country Master Bedroom

8 October 2015
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If there's one room in your home that deserves a little extra attention, it's the master bedroom. However, the master bedroom is one room that is often neglected.

There are several reasons why it's easy to ignore the bedroom. Unlike the kitchen, living room, and bathroom, the master bedroom is usually not seen by visitors. It's also easy to hide clutter and messiness behind closed doors.

Considering the fact that you sleep in your bedroom for an average of eight hours a night, it should be a room that is inviting and comfortable. You can create your own happy ending to each day when you design a cozy country bedroom.

Choose a country color palette

Avoid harsh or loud colors when choosing a paint theme for your bedroom walls. You want colors that are soothing as well as country. Some good choices are pale yellow, light robin egg blue, sage green, beige, peach, or off-white tones.

Trim it country style

For a perfect country look and feel, choose a light wood for trim. Wood will contrast well with whatever country color palette you select for the walls. Wood is naturally country and also adds a warm and cozy appeal to the room.

Solid wood bedroom furniture is best

Not only is solid wood bedroom furniture durable, it's also beautiful and will make the wood-toned trim around doors and windows stand out. For an added country look, shop for beds with high posts and curved designs. Look for solid wood dressers and night stands with curved legs to match the bed.

Cherry, maple, pine, and oak furniture will all look nice when creating a country-themed bedroom. However, light-colored woods, such as oak and maple, are more conducive to country decorating. You can also look for weathered woods if you prefer more of a cottage country look. For more information, contact Black Carriage Furniture or a similar company.

Accent it country style

Avoid geometric or modern designs when choosing a comforter and drapes. Instead, look for plaids, small floral designs, or gingham check patterns.

Candles are a must in a country-themed bedroom to provide ambiance and to create a relaxing atmosphere. Look for flame-less candles with timers that turn the candles on and off at the same time each evening.

Portable electric fireplaces are another great way to add an old-fashioned romantic feel to the room. They can be used strictly for ambiance in warmer months when no heat is needed.

Keep accents to a minimum. A vase of flowers for the dresser, a country slogan to hang above the bed, and a few favorite pictures framed in antique or stained wooden frames should suffice.

When you give your master bedroom a cozy country makeover, you will be creating your own beautiful bedtime story. Your bedroom will be welcoming and inviting. It may even become your favorite room in the house.