Back Problems? Soreness? Step Up Your Mattress Search

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Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and sore? Have you ever thought that your pain could be caused by the mattress that you spend eight hours trying to sleep on? If you have an older mattress or a mattress that just doesn't provide enough support for your body, you will wake up feeling sore and tired. How do you choose a new mattress? Will one type of mattress provide you with the comfort and support you need to wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free? The contents of this blog can help you find the best mattress for you.


Back Problems? Soreness? Step Up Your Mattress Search

9 October 2015
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The mattress is an important part of comfort, but its effects can go unappreciated until pain and discomfort enter your life. A bad mattress can make the entire day a pain, and since mattresses can be a sizable investment, you may not have unlimited opportunities to switch to another mattress. To get the mattress choice nearly perfect for you in as few tries as possible, consider a few mattress traits and comfort solutions that can bring your comfort to a new level.

Mattress Firmness Or Softness? It's Actually A Spectrum

When searching for the right mattress, softness or firmness is a popular concern. Some people want a plush, soft mattress that allows them to sink into the sheets and blankets, while others need the support that comes from a more firm mattress.

Unfortunately, these searches are done with a few basic squeezes or a short resting test. Unless you're shopping at a dedicated mattress store, it's hard to figure out exactly how comfortable your mattress will be over the long term--and even if you do lay down for a while, the true answer may not be known until a few days have passed.

It isn't a question of whether the mattress is firm or soft. Since there are many different firmness levels, materials and unique properties available, you'll need to get a more broad search that covers the entire comfort spectrum.

Are you looking into mattresses with bamboo textile covering that offers softness and stability on top of an already firm mattress? Have you considered soft mattresses with a more firm outer layer? What about a firm core with a softer mattress covering? These questions can be answered by mixing different properties and browsing different brands that may not be available at a single department store or a local retailer.

Testing Out A Long Distance Solution

Your best mattress may not be sold in the local area, but how do you test out a mattress that needs to be shipped from somewhere else? The answer is simple: ask questions and make an agreement.

It's understandable that some stores may not risk sending you a mattress without payment, and it's understandable that you may not want to pay for something that may not work for you. To make the exchange better for both you and the vendors involved, discuss your mattress needs and what can be done if you don't like the given mattress.

Different vendors may offer a money-back guarantee, but there may be fees in the details involving shipping--a fee that makes sense, as a vendor may not want to infinitely send new mattresses to an indecisive customer. Know the terms beforehand to figure out how much you or the vendor are willing to spend to get the right answer.

If you're not against traveling, find out if your desired mattress vendor has showrooms available for many of their selections. You may have to visit different stores or wait for a delivery, but it could be a nice outing for both you, your household and the vendor.

Don't assume anything about a mattress' quality or sale without having a deep, honest discussion about your comfort. Contact a mattress vendor to figure out what your body, sleep and wallet can handle.