Five Focal Points To Enhance And Update Your Family's Living Space

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Five Focal Points To Enhance And Update Your Family's Living Space

9 October 2015
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What is the focal point of your family's living space? If you don't know, than you likely don't have one; a focal point is the feature of the room that ties everything together and that typically sets the tone and style of the space.

Five focal points that will bring a hint of drama and elevate your home's overall look include:

High end furnishings.

The perfect focal point for your family's space is high-end, elegant furniture. This may include a top-of-the-line seating arrangement, or perhaps custom wood cabinetry lining your room's walls. Whether you are more modern in style or traditional at heart, high quality and hand-crafted furnishings are the best way to merge function with a focal point.

Gallery-quality art.

Exhibiting artwork in the home instantly creates a focal point that will generate discussion and gain attention. Check out local galleries to see what local artisans and artists are creating; visit online vendors for prints of famed works by renowned painters and artists. Ultimately, you should always buy something that you like and enjoy, as you will be the one looking at it.

Vintage accents and antiques.

A really beautiful antique or vintage piece creates a clever conversation item and one that will take over as the focal point of your room. This may be something practical like a vintage mantle clock or an antique gilded mirror. It may also be something that is strictly ornamental, like a framed old treasure map or a glass statue.

Unique wall treatment.

If you want to alter the entire atmosphere and mood of your space, change the wall treatments. Even simply painting the room will make a dramatic difference on the space and in how the room makes you feel. For instance, paint the room a light, bright color, and you feel more motivated and good-natured; paint the room a dark hue such as burgundy, chocolate, or even black, and it becomes an intimate, cozy space.

Painted floor-cloths.

These unique floor coverings are typically made from a heavy-duty, durable canvas, and these cloths often are painted by hand. They may have a fringed edge and could feature a border, pattern, or mural design. A painted floor-cloth gives the room a distinctive look that reflects back the Arts & Crafts period of interior design.

Bring a definitive style to your family's living space by adding a distinctive focal point. Whether you opt for functional furniture or a cool new color on the walls, this can change the mood of your room and enhance the look of your entire home. Check out stores like ID Furniture and Design to get stared.