Want Your Employees To Be More Productive? Make Sure They Have A Good Work Environment

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Want Your Employees To Be More Productive? Make Sure They Have A Good Work Environment

16 December 2015
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Making some changes to the work environment at your business may help make your employees be more productive. It may cost money to do this in the beginning, but with your employees working harder, you will come out ahead in the long run. Follow the two tips below, and your employees will be ahead of their work instead of behind it.

Choose the Right Desk and Chair

If your office furniture has seen its better days, consider an update. Get your employees' input about the type of furniture they would like. For example, some employees may want to have the option of standing for part of the day. In this case, you could purchase them a stand up desk to go along with their regular desk.

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing office furniture is the chair. Your employees will spend a large amount of time sitting throughout the day, and the chair should be comfortable for them.

There are ergonomic chairs that provide lumbar support. The chairs should be highly adjustable so your employees can set it up so that it goes well with their body type.  If you have a conference room, purchase chairs that have cushioning, and some limited control, such as being able to adjust the height. A furniture company like Alexander Brothers Ltd can offer their advice on your best options.

Allow Creativity

Creative employees provide better work, and you can help encourage it. Put up a large dry erase board wall, and lots of dry erase markers. Set it up in a place where there is a lot of room with tables and chairs. Your employees can go to the wall when they are trying to brainstorm something, or want to share ideas with other workers.

Employees can use their smartphone to take a picture of the wall when they finish using it. This will allow them to remember what the put on it so they can use the information at their desk.

Setting goals is important, but do not tell your employees how they have to achieve them. Instead, let them decide how they want to proceed. This not only allows them to be more creative, but they will build on their skills.

Give your employees enough freedom and space to customize their work space. Instead of just having a budget set for the basic office set up, allow them to create a work space they will be comfortable in. This allows them to be creative, and they won't mind so much sitting at their desk.

Don't forget to talk with your employees to get their input on changes you should make to your office.