Three Adjustments And Their Benefits

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Three Adjustments And Their Benefits

28 January 2016
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Having the right mattress is key for ensuring restful sleep. Adjustable beds have been part of the consumer bed market for many years. Thanks to technological advances, today's adjustable beds can be even more comfortable than flat mattresses. There are three primary adjustments for these types of beds, and each has its own associated health -- and sleep -- benefits.

- Firmness Settings

Many commercially-available adjustable beds include various settings for the firmness and softness of the mattress. The most obvious benefit of having a bed with adjustable firmness is comfort. Being able to customize the firmness or softness of your mattress can help to guarantee a great night's sleep. In addition, many models feature two separate adjustable sections, which is wonderful if you and your partner prefer different levels of firmness. Sleeping on a too-firm or too-soft bed can be a leading cause of morning back, neck, and body pain. Being able to tailor your mattress's firmness can definitely help lead to comfortable nights and pain-free mornings.

- Head Elevation

Raising the head of your adjustable bed has several different benefits. First, an elevated head makes it easier to watch television or read before bed, so adjustable beds are perfect for people who are bed bound or prefer to relax in bed before sleeping. Elevating your head while sleeping can also help breathing, especially for those who suffer from respiration illnesses like asthma or COPD. Easier breathing at night means more restful and rejuvenating sleep. Increasing head elevation can also help with snoring! 

- Feet Elevation

Raising the feet of your bed may have the largest number of hidden benefits. Elevating your feet and lower legs while relaxing can help to reduce pressure on leg veins, promoting better circulation throughout the body. It can also help to relieve swelling in legs and feet due to injury, pregnancy, or other medical issues. Sleeping with slightly elevated legs can also go a long way for relieving or eliminating lower back pain, further ensuring restful sleep. 

Your body depends on sleep and resting hours to rejuvenate and if you're not getting quality rest at night, it may be the fault of your mattress. If you're shopping for a new mattress, consider investing in an adjustable bed. Firmness adjustments and elevation of head and feet can help to ensure that your bed is perfect for your body, which goes a long way to ensuring a great night of sleep. Contact a local mattress store, like Florida Mattress Center, for more help.