Turn A Boring Cabinet Into A One-Of-A-Kind Kitchen Island

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Turn A Boring Cabinet Into A One-Of-A-Kind Kitchen Island

2 June 2016
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Rustic style in homes is all the rage and giving your kitchen some rustic charm may be easier than you think. A great way to update the look of your kitchen is to use a small shabby chic cabinet as a kitchen island. The guide below walks you through the transformation process quickly and easily.

Choose the Right Size for Your Cabinet

The first thing you need to do is to go into your kitchen and take some measurements. Measure how much open space you have in the center of your kitchen. You want to be sure that you will still be able to move around the space with ease when the island is put into place. Once you know how wide and how long you want the cabinet to be, you need to consider how tall you want it to be. It is best to choose a cabinet that is almost counter height. You will be putting a piece of one-inch thick butcher block on top of the cabinet when you are done, so take that into account when measuring how high you want the island to be.

Purchase the Cabinet

Once you know the dimensions you need for the cabinet, you will be ready to go shopping. Be sure to purchase a cabinet that has intricate detailing or a unique look to it so that you can make it even more interesting when you get it home. Take measurements while at the furniture store to ensure that the cabinet is the exact size you need.

Paint the Cabinet

Once you have found the right cabinet, you will need to paint it. You can choose to paint it any color you choose, but be sure that the color allows the cabinet to complement the other colors in your kitchen nicely, rather than just stand out like a sore thumb when you are done. Use light sandpaper to sand down the edges of the doors and the sides of the cabinet to give it a worn look.

Add Butcher Block to the Top

Next, you need to measure the top of the cabinet. Go to a home improvement store and let an associate know how large of a piece of butcher block you need and he or she can cut it there for you right away. Be sure to ask to have the corners rounded because you do not want them to so sharp that they injure someone as they walk by them. Go home and apply wood glue all over the top of the cabinet. Press the butcher block into place and place weights on top of it. Allow the glue to dry overnight before removing the weights from the butcher block.

When you are done, you will have a unique kitchen island in your kitchen. You can store things out of sight in the cabinet and prepare amazing meals with multiple people on the butcher block top without worrying about damaging it.