Tips For Buying Furniture That Will Last At Affordable Prices

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Tips For Buying Furniture That Will Last At Affordable Prices

15 July 2016
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Furnishing a new home or apartment can be expensive, and if you are shopping on a limited budget, the task can be downright challenging. Fortunately, there are bargains to be had. You just need to know where and for what to look. Being a savvy furniture shopper can get you high quality furnishings that match your style and taste without putting you over budget.

  1. Buy quality. Furnishings of lesser-known brand names don't necessarily mean that you will be getting inferior quality. Different brands generally sell similar products but at varying prices. Therefore, it's possible to get a piece of quality furniture at a bargain price, but you need to know what to look for.

    When buying wood furniture, avoid furnishings made of fiber board, particleboard, or woods with knots. Look for wood furnishings that are held together with screws or wooden pegs and not glue, staples, or nails.

    Upholstered furniture with bare foam cushions are less durable. The foam in better furniture is firm and wrapped with cotton or Dacron padding. Sofa and chair cushions should be reversible for longer wear.

  2. Go neutral in color. When buying large furnishings, choosing pieces in bold, bright colors can add to the cost. But since it doesn't cost furniture manufacturers as much money to produce sofas and overstuffed chairs in white, black, brown, and gray fabrics, you can save money by choosing upholstered furnishings in neutral colors, which are both stylish and classic. You can always add color to a room's decor with accents such as lamps, wall hangings, and rugs.

  3. Negotiate with the retailer. Sometimes you can get a discount if you ask, especially if you are polite and make a reasonable offer. Even with a reasonable offer, try asking for a price a little lower than you are willing to pay. The retailer just might come back with a counter-offer at a price you can comfortably afford.

  4. Purchase floor models on sale. If a furniture retailer needs the floor space for a new line of furniture coming in, you may be able to negotiate the special sale price down even more. You can find some real deals when retailers like Affordable Business Interiors Chairs need to clear out excess inventory to make room for new stock. As a general rule, furniture stores often offer sales toward the end of the month in an effort to clear space for new inventory they are expecting. But since stores run sales at different times, if you have your eye on a particular piece of furniture, you should check back often. Clearance sales are another option that give you the opportunity to buy discontinued or returned furnishings at low prices.

  5. Consider delivery costs. Shop for free or low cost shipping to save on the overall cost of your purchase whether you buy furnishings online or from a brick-and-mortar retail furniture store. If your furniture is shipped from a warehouse or directly from the factory, you can save even more money since the company doesn't have to add its overhead costs into the retail price you pay.