Three Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

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Three Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern

4 August 2016
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Modern-styled homes are all the rage. With their clean lines and sophistication, it's not shocking that many people want to bring this type of look to their home. And doing so is much easier than you think. You can make your home look modern without a major renovation. Here are just some of the ways you can achieve this look in your home.

New Paint Colors

The average person overlooks the importance of paint. As a style element, paint can alter the mood of a space. For you, updating the color of your walls can transform your home from classic to modern. Consider changing the paint color of your walls to a hue of grey or black.

Colors that fall in this category are both sleek and versatile. If you don't want to commit to painting all the walls in your home within these hues, consider at least painting a single accent wall or even the trim to achieve similar results.

Modern Furniture

Switching out your existing furniture with modern furniture pieces is also a great way to alter the vibe in your home. Consider your dining room, for example. Say you have a traditional mahogany table and buffet in the room. Upgrading to a Plexiglas table, tufted Parsons chairs, and a lacquered buffet can really update the space.

Even if you aren't able to afford the cost of upgrading all the pieces in the room, try to focus on the main pieces first. For example, in the bedroom, you could update the bed first. As the focal point, it will have an impact on the feel of the rest of the space.

Updated Lighting Fixtures

Another practical way to transform your home to a more modern style is to update the lighting fixtures, especially if you have an older style of dome lights installed. Two excellent options are pendant lights and recessed lights.

In terms of pendant lights, you can choose a glass or decorative fixture to make things look more modern. In terms of recessed lighting, especially when installed around the perimeter of the ceiling, not only can these types of fixtures make the room look more modern, they can also make the ceilings look higher than they actually are.

On their own, each of these tips can help alter the look of your home. However, when combined, the results can be nothing shy of dramatic. If you want to update your home to something more modern, make sure you are thinking outside the box.