Preserve The Beauty Of A Contemporary Wooden Hutch And Add Decorative Shelf Liners And Drop Lighting

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Preserve The Beauty Of A Contemporary Wooden Hutch And Add Decorative Shelf Liners And Drop Lighting

27 October 2016
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Preserve the beauty of the contemporary wooden hutch that is located in your home's dining room by cleaning and polishing the wood. Afterwards, cover the shelves in the hutch with a decorative shelf liner and install drop lighting. Once finished, display your favorite collectibles or dinnerware on the shelves.


  • duster
  • wood cleaning agent
  • lint-free cloths
  • wood polish
  • measuring tape
  • roll of self-adhesive shelf liner 
  • rubber gloves
  • scissors
  • squeegee
  • drop lighting
  • hardware
  • power drill or screwdriver

Clean And Polish The Wood

Move a duster over the hutch's exterior and interior to remove loose dirt. While removing debris from the shelves, run the duster across the top and bottom of each one. Pour a few drops of a wood cleaning product onto a lint-free cloth. Move the cloth back and forth over the outside and inside of the hutch to eliminate fingerprints or visible stains that are on portions of the wood.

Once the wood is clean, polish it by spraying a small amount of a wood polishing agent onto a clean cloth. Move the cloth firmly over each part of the hutch until all of the wood has a shiny and uniform appearance. 

Install Shelf Liners

Measure the length and width of one of the shelves. Purchase a roll of self-adhesive shelf liner that contains a pattern that will complement the beauty of the contemporary hutch. Before securing a liner to each shelf, put on a pair of rubber gloves. Gloves will prevent fingerprints from appearing on portions of the wood as you are attaching a liner to each shelf. 

Use scissors to cut pieces of the shelf liner that are the same size as each shelf. Remove the paper backing from the first piece and secure the adhesive side of the liner to the wood. Press the liner down firmly until it adheres. Move a squeegee across the top of the liner to remove wrinkles from it. Secure the remaining shelf liner pieces in the same manner.

Place Items On Each Shelf And Install Drop Lighting

Place collectibles, dinnerware across each shelf. If you are going to be adding a collection of dinnerware to the inside of the hutch, purchase display holders to lean each plate or dish against. Once you are pleased with the way the items have been arranged, install drop lighting inside of the hutch.

Use hardware to mount drop lights to the top corners of the hutch and plug the power cords into an electrical outlet. Turn on the lighting whenever you would like to add beauty to the piece of the modern furniture and draw attention to the items being displayed. 

For more information about caring for furniture or to find great new pieces, go to websites of furniture companies.