Cheap Furniture Repairs To Make Your Living Room Furniture Look New Again

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Cheap Furniture Repairs To Make Your Living Room Furniture Look New Again

3 February 2017
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There are many things you love about your living room furniture, whether it be its unique style or extreme worn-in comfort. Something you may not enjoy about your furniture is how aged or worn out it looks, which takes away from the appeal of your other decor. There are ways you can repair simple flaws in your living room furnishings, such as your coffee table, couches, chairs, or entertainment center, to make them appear new and modern. Here are some repairs you can consider to give your space the allure it deserves.

Reupholster couches/chairs 

Cushions on your couches and chairs can wear with time and ample use, giving them a sunken, faded look you don't enjoy. The backs of this type of furniture can become stained from many hand prints or spilled food. Or, your furniture may look like it's in great condition but can be outdated in style with floral or pastel prints you don't enjoy. You can put new fabric on a couch or chair for as little as $150, which is much cheaper than buying these items new. Explore new patterns such as chevron or stripes or even solid black, navy, or cream to give your couches and chairs the makeover they need.

If your couches or chairs have wooden end pieces or legs that are scratched or worn, then having them removed and reshaped by a furniture repair technician can make them look new again. This is a wise option for you if you have antique pieces or if the wooden features on your living room furniture are what make them stand out.

Stain wooden pieces

Your coffee table, shelving units, or entertainment center can be revamped to look new by simply adding a new stain to them. Modern pieces are often stained a rich red, deep black, or a cool navy hue, which pairs well with the other contemporary items in your home. If you want to keep the natural wood finish glowing strong, then consider taking these items to your local furniture repair technician so they can be sanded and stained back to their original allure. Doing this repair can be much cheaper than replacing wooden furniture outright and can give your pieces a custom appeal.

Whether you want to repair your furniture so you can save money or because you are attached to the pieces you have in your home, there are many ways you can affordably make your pieces look new again. Consider upgrading the furniture you have rather than replacing it to save money and customize your pieces.