Tips For Choosing A Couch For A Therapy Office

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Tips For Choosing A Couch For A Therapy Office

9 August 2019
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If you've recently opened a therapy practice, one of the things on your to-do list before you begin seeing clients should be to visit a local furniture store. You'll need a handful of basic items, including a desk at which to work, a filing cabinet to hold client files, and a chair and a small table for your waiting area. Perhaps most importantly, you'll also need a couch on which your clients can sit. While it's true that you could theoretically buy any couch to use for this purpose, it's ideal to keep some points in mind so that you buy the right product. Here are some tips for choosing a therapy-worthy couch.

Soft, But Not Too Comfortable

You certainly want the couch that you buy to be comfortable. Clients will be sitting on it for extended periods of time. Some therapy sessions might a couple of hours in length and you don't want clients to fidget because they're uncomfortable. However, there can be such a thing as too comfortable. If the couch is very soft, clients may get so comfortable that they begin to get drowsy, which isn't conducive to the therapy experience. Don't be afraid to sit on different couches to evaluate which one might work for you. Generally, one that has moderate softness is a good choice.

Not Too Fancy

As you look at different couch options, you'll notice how some of the pieces of furniture have a casual design and others have a more formal design. How you set up your therapy clinic space is largely a matter of personal preference, but you may not want to choose a couch that is too fancy. Something that looks very expensive can suggest that you have a highly lucrative therapy practice. While you might not have a problem with this idea, some of your clients could think that you're charging too much all because they see how fancy your couch looks.

Adequate Size

There are many different sizes of couches available on the market, and while you'll need to consider the size of your clinic space when you shop for a couch, keep in mind that your clients will have different body types. A couch that is too small may be uncomfortable for someone who has a large stature, especially if he or she wants to occasionally lie out on the couch. A larger couch can also be ideal for accommodating couples, should you begin to offer couples' counseling.