Are You Giving Your Family Room An Elegant Look?

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Are You Giving Your Family Room An Elegant Look?

30 March 2020
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Are you redecorating your family room with a more elegant and classic look? Maybe the kids are grown now, and you've decided that you can do away with the older slightly rough-and-tumble look your family room had for many years. No matter the reason that you are redecorating, maybe you're looking for some decorating ideas. Read on for some suggestions that might help you to get started.

The Sofa 

Once you've selected your sofa, it will more than likely be easier for you to select the other items of furniture and the other family room decor. Think of buying a sofa that has a casual, vintage feeling to it. If you choose a sofa that has sleek lines, it will go with any other furniture you select. Another idea is to buy a sofa that has removable cushions. That will mean that your sofa will have even more years of wear, as you can turn the pillows over periodically and give both sides of the pillow equal use. Cream or gray for the color of the sofa will allow you to blend any other colors well in your decorating scheme. 

If your family room is small, go with a love seat. If the room is more spacious, consider buying both a love seat and a regular-size sofa that can be angled with a small end table between them. Another thought would be to buy two love seats or two larger sofas and have them face each other, placing small lamp tables at each end and a coffee table between the two sofas. If you're lucky to have a really large area to work with, occasional chairs could be placed in strategic places.

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Extra Touches 

Things like throw pillows will add interest to the family room. If you purchased a gray sofa, think of buying red, turquoise, and yellow throw pillows. Black throw pillows will give the room a contemporary feeling. If you went with cream for the color of your sofa, consider plain white throw pillows for a very classic look. If you want more color, plaid or floral print throw pillows will be really nice. 

Are you even replacing the artwork in your family room? One of the things you'll probably want to keep are photographs of family and friends. If you selected gray for the color of your sofa or sofas, pewter or silver-toned frames would be a good choice for the photos. If you went with cream for the furniture color, go with gold-toned frames.