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Do you wake up in the morning feeling stiff and sore? Have you ever thought that your pain could be caused by the mattress that you spend eight hours trying to sleep on? If you have an older mattress or a mattress that just doesn't provide enough support for your body, you will wake up feeling sore and tired. How do you choose a new mattress? Will one type of mattress provide you with the comfort and support you need to wake up feeling refreshed and pain-free? The contents of this blog can help you find the best mattress for you.


The Beginner’s Guide To Cleaning (And Maintaining) Your Old Leather Furniture

11 May 2016
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Leather is a gorgeous material for covering couches and chairs and can last a long time, given the proper care. But what do you do if you're a first-time, hand-me-down leather furniture owner and someone spills something on your beloved and somewhat ancient leather couch? If you're a complete beginner when it comes to leather furniture care and you're looking for help on how to clean it (and how to maintain it once it's clean), then here's what you need to know. Read More …

How To Paint Vintage Furniture With Chalk Paint

6 April 2016
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A favorite activity of many furniture refinishers is to purchase vintage or naked furniture from furniture stores for the purpose of painting it with chalk paint.  This tutorial will discuss some of the benefits of chalk paint over other furniture finishing mediums and how to apply the chalk paint in such a way that it will achieve the rustic, primitive look that distinguishes chalk paint from other types of paint. Read More …

3 Excellent Reasons To Place A Couch In Your Bedroom

21 March 2016
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When it comes to decorating your bedroom and finding what pieces of furniture that you would like in there, you have a variety of excellent options. One piece of furniture that people often don't think of placing in their bedroom is a couch or sofa. However, this piece of furniture can be incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons and this article will discuss 3 of them.  Extra Sitting Room Read More …

4 Tips For Making Your Home Office Paperless

21 February 2016
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Is your home office brimming over with file cabinets and stacks of old paperwork? A great way to make your home office more organized and streamlined, and much less cluttered, is to go paperless. A paperless home office also leads to less paper waste, so it's environmentally responsible as well. Here are four tips for making your home office paperless:  Buy a Scanner Once you buy a nice scanner for your home office, you can immediately begin getting rid of old, accumulated paperwork. Read More …

Three Adjustments And Their Benefits

28 January 2016
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Having the right mattress is key for ensuring restful sleep. Adjustable beds have been part of the consumer bed market for many years. Thanks to technological advances, today's adjustable beds can be even more comfortable than flat mattresses. There are three primary adjustments for these types of beds, and each has its own associated health -- and sleep -- benefits. - Firmness Settings Many commercially-available adjustable beds include various settings for the firmness and softness of the mattress. Read More …